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User Repository Information

  • Maintainer: Duc A. Hoang.
  • Description: A repo containing some packages I often use, following this ArchWiki tutorial. (Packages of size larger than 100MB are not available due to GitHub’s file size limit.)
  • PGP Key ID: FBEAAAD6C193858F7D9BCFD73D544026D4E51506.
  • Upstream page:
  • Usage:
    • Run the following as root.
      pacman-key --keyserver --recv-keys FBEAAAD6C193858F7D9BCFD73D544026D4E51506
      pacman-key --lsign-key FBEAAAD6C193858F7D9BCFD73D544026D4E51506
    • Add the following to /etc/pacman.conf.
      Server =$arch

Live Arch ISO

Using this repository, archiso and some additional configurations, one can build a live Arch ISO image. Here are some images I created for my own personal use. To recreate what I have built, download livearch.tar.gz, extract it with tar -xvf livearch.tar.gz to obtain the livearch folder, then sudo chown -R root:root livearch, and run ./ -v inside the livearch folder as root. (You may need around 25 - 30 GB of free disk space, and the package archiso-47.1-1.)

archlinux-2020.09.22-x86_64.iso [unofficial]

  • Dowload: Google Drive (5.4 GB - 5,699,764,224 bytes)
  • Created: 2020-09-22 22:52:40.856556365 +0900
  • Included Kernel: linux 5.7.12-arch1-1
  • PGP Signature: archlinux-2020.09.22-x86_64.iso.sig
  • MD5: 282f45fa1165dd32b5315ff7b2f2c166
  • SHA1SUM: a3a5d3fa4b7b762f03fd3eb25ae4f96bef6e4ca1

archlinux-2020.03.14-x86_64.iso [unofficial]

To recreate what I have built, use livearch-20200314-x86_64.tar.gz and archiso-43-1.

  • Dowload: Google Drive (4.3 GB - 4,261,412,864 bytes)
  • Created: 2020-03-15 00:46:18.699853700 +0900
  • Included Kernel: linux-lts 4.19.101-2
  • PGP Signature: archlinux-2020.03.14-x86_64.iso.sig
  • MD5: a6de7d31ddabad70a9cc693d3bf022af
  • SHA1SUM: 40458b4d2fd6ce0a8aba6b3b328c54f2d670847d

How to verify?

Let say you want to verify archlinux-2020.09.22-x86_64.iso.

  • Verify PGP Signature
    gpg --verify archlinux-2020.09.22-x86_64.iso.sig archlinux-2020.09.22-x86_64.iso
  • Verify MD5 and SHA1SUM
    echo 282f45fa1165dd32b5315ff7b2f2c166 archlinux-2020.09.22-x86_64.iso | md5sum -c
    echo a3a5d3fa4b7b762f03fd3eb25ae4f96bef6e4ca1 archlinux-2020.09.22-x86_64.iso | sha1sum -c

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