Some notes on using Zotero

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This page contains some notes I want to remember when using Zotero.

ZotFile Preferences

I use ZotFile for managing attachments. Here are some settings:

  • In the Tablet Settings tab, I select Use ZotFile to send and get files from tablet.
  • In the Renaming Rules tab, I set Format for all Item Types except Patents as {%a_}{%y_}{%t}{ [%T]}. I also set Maximum length of title as 150 and Maximum number of authors as 3 in the Additional Settings section of this tab.
  • In the Advanced Settings tab, I select Only work with the following file types option in the Other Advanced Settings section and set the following file types pdf,doc,docx,txt,rtf,djvu,epub,mp4.

WebDAV Sync

There is a user-generated list of WebDAV services that users have reported success using with Zotero. I personally use TeraCLOUD (a free account provides 10GB storage space, and each successful referal gives you 2GB bonus space (probably more when having campaign) which you can use for one year). If you find the information about TeraCLOUD from this page and decide to use it with Zotero, I would be grateful if you could go to your TeraCLOUD page and enter my introduce code TEAYR in the box Enter friends Introduce code of the Get more capacity section. Please also note that If you are using a free account and have not logged in for 90 days, the account and any data on TeraCLOUD will be deleted.

PaperShip in iOS

I use the app PaperShip to sync my Zotero library to my iPhone and iPad. Note that one needs to create a lastsync.txt file (which may be empty) in the zotero folder as instructed here in order to make PaperShip correctly verifies the WebDAV server.

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