Zotero, Koofr, and PaperShip

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This post contains some information regarding how to use PaperShip to sync Zotero library via Koofr’s WebDAV.


Koofr is a storage service that offers up to 10GB of free safe storage (initially you get 2GB and you can get up to 8GB by inviting friends to join Koofr) for your files with affordable upgrades and options to connect multiple cloud accounts. You can sign up to this storage service via my invite link http://k00.fr/npeutcoc.

Zotero with Koofr via WebDAV

You can find detail instruction on how to sync Zotero library to your Koofr’s account via WebDAV here. Basically, the steps I performed in Arch Linux are as follows. One can also find a list of WebDAV services which provide a free plan and which users have reported success using with Zotero here.

  • Open the Zotero desktop client, and open the Sync tab via Edit -> Preferences.
  • In Settings section, type in your Zotero Username and Password required in the Data Syncing subsection and click Set up Syncing.
  • In File Syncing subsection, tick to the box Sync attachment files in My Library using, and then choose WebDAV in the dropdown menu. Next, type app.koofr.net/dav/Koofr into the URL text box, and type your Koofr’s email and password respectively into the Username and Password text boxes.
  • Finally, click Verify Server. A window will pop-up to let you know that file sync is successfully set up and a folder named zotero will be created in Koofr when that happens. Every title you add to your Zotero Library and has an attachment will be synchronised to Koofr and you will find it in zotero folder in Koofr as a .zip file.

PaperShip in iOS 13

I use the app PaperShip to sync my Zotero library to my iPhone and iPad. The Koofr’s WebDAV server address is https://app.koofr.net/dav/Koofr. Note that one needs to create a lastsync.txt file (which may be empty) in the zotero folder in Koofr as instructed here in order to make PaperShip correctly verifies the WebDAV server.

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