Convert DJVU to PDF with text kept in Arch Linux

Created: November 05, 2019   Last Modified: November 14, 2022   Category: linux   Print this pageBack to Home


In this post, I described how to convert files in DJVU format to PDF with text kept in Arch Linux. This post was orginally based on this instruction for Ubuntu Linux and my experience when installing the necessary packages in Arch.

Required Installation

yay -S ruby-iconv ruby-mini_portile2 ruby-nokogiri ruby-rmagick ruby-hpricot

Update (2022-11-14): The installation does not seem to work well with ruby 2.7.0-1. As a result, use ruby 2.6.5-1 along with rubygems 3.1.2-1, and install the above gems with

sudo pacman -S imagemagick libmagick6
gem install iconv mini_portile2 nokogiri rmagick hpricot
yay -S ocrodjvu leptonica jbig2enc-git pdfbeads

Converting Script

Download the shell script (I also keep a copy here .) To use this script, in terminal, type